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Argentina is a large country with a variety of landscapes and natural wonders.  Buenos Aires is the perfect hub for exploring the beautiful waterfalls of the north, the coast line of the east, the wine country in the west, and the glaciers of the south.  Getting to these places from Buenos Aires isn't very expensive when traveling by bus or car, and it gives the traveler the opportunity to see the scenery along the way to their destination.  During my stay in Argentina we visited Mar del Plata, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Santiago, Uruguay and some other nearby locations.  On our next trip we plan to head south through Patagonia and finally walk on a glacier.

Within the Providence of Buenos Aires there are also many interesting tours to take and sights to explore.  Some of my favorite day trips were to San Isidro, Temaiken Zoo and La Plata.  There are tours which include Native American fairs, gaucho parties and river cruises.  If you are visiting Buenos Aires for more than a week, take a break from the city and explore the surrounding attractions.

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San Isidro Sailboat Tour
Gaucho Fiesta

BYT City Tour

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