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People typically book only two or three days to see Iguazu Falls. At first, I didnít believe this was enough time to see everything, but if you do things on your own two days is plenty of time to see all the highlights Puerto Iguazu and Foz do Iguacu have to offer.  The main attractions in these two cities are Iguazu Falls from the Argentinean side, Iguazu Falls from Brazil, a helicopter tour of the falls, and the Bird Park Iguazu.

Most flights and buses arrive at Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguacu from Buenos Aires in the afternoon.  It is a short ride from the airport to the area most hotels are located, which gives you plenty of time to see some of the falls the same day you arrive.

Helicopter Ride

The perfect way to start your tour of Iguazu Falls is with a helicopter ride over the falls.  It is a short trip, about 15 minutes, but it gives you the best views available.  After the helicopter ride you may still have time to either go to the bird park or visit the Brazilian side of the falls.  If you are planning on saving a full day for a tour of the Brazilian side and bird park then head of the Hito Tres Fronteras, where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet.

Brazilian Side of the Falls

The Brazilian side of the falls is a short walk with panoramic views of Iguazu Falls.  On the Brazilian side of Iguazu repelling and boat tours are available.  I recommend doing the Great Adventure Boat Tour on the Argentinean side because it is less expensive there.  If you choose to do the repelling it occurs just before the board walk along the falls.  Touring the entire Brazilian side of Iguazu Park should take about two hours, less if you walk at a normal pace and donít stop frequently to take pictures and admire the wildlife.

By time you have finished touring the Brazilian side of the falls or visiting the bird park you are probably in the mood for dinner, and I would suggest getting to bed early because touring the Argentinean side of the falls is much more strenuous.

View from Brazilian Side

Devil's Throat from Brazilian Side

Argentinean Side of the Falls

Start your day as early as possible for touring the Argentinean side of Iguazu Falls Park.  The park opens at 8:30 am, and I suggest you are there, ready to buy your ticket, at 8:15 so you can beat the tour groups.  Most tour groups arrive at 9 am and head straight to the train to see Gargantua del Diablo or Devilís Throat.  I suggest you start at the Superior Circuit where you will see spectacular views and  enjoy an easy walk.  Then head for the lower circuit where you are right next to the water.  At the lower circuit you can take an optional tour of San Martin Island and the Grand Adventure Tour.

I highly recommend the Grand Adventure Tour.  You board a boat that takes you under the falls!!!  Yes, you are completely soaked; I donít even think a poncho would help.  Fortunately the water is very warm, so don't worry, it is comfortable.  If you have a diverís case for your camera then bring it on this tour, it is the only way to get pictures of this fun ride.  They do provide waterproof bags for you to stow away any valuables during the tour.  After several trips under various parts of the falls you take the boat down the river, climb a short path to some jungle trucks then spend about ten minutes riding through the jungle.  They drop you off at the front of the park or the Sheraton Hotel.  Get off at the front of the park so you can see the most famous part of the falls, Devilís Throat.

Devil's Throat

To get to Devilís Throat follow the green trail to the train stop.  The train runs every thirty minutes, or you can walk, but it is a long way so I suggest waiting on the train.  There is a small snack bar at the train station, so this might be a good time to eat something or feed the coatis which gather behind the snack bar.

Devilís Throat is at the end of a long walk across the river.  The lookout point is the beginning of the falls.  It is the most amazing view of the entire falls, but impossible to get a clear picture because of the constant sprays from the falls.  If you want to stay dry bring a poncho.  You will also need to waterproof your camera.

The walk out to Devilís Throat takes 15 to 20 minutes; so time your stay at the lookout point so you can arrive back at the train station just minutes before departure.  We took an hour to do the entire trail, 15 minutes to walk there, 30 minutes at the lookout point and 15 minutes to walk back.

The opening of Devil's Throat

Boardwalk to Devil's Throat

Salto Arrechea

After Devilís Throat take the last trail in the park, Macuco Trail, to Salto Arrechea.  Be careful to watch the time.  There is a fine is you stay in the park after closing time which is 6:30 pm.  Most tour groups skip this falls completely, so enjoy the time to yourself. =)

Reason for My Suggested Itinerary

I suggest this particular route so you can avoid the tour groups.  People usually walk through the trails in herds.  If you are frustrated by the amount of people, just wait it out, there is usually a break and you can enjoy your view alone for a few minutes before the next herd arrives.  If you have extra time I suggest two days at the Argentinean side, that way you can spend more time hanging out in the best places to get those amazing people free pictures!

Puerto Iguazu Airport

If you are flying out of Puerto Iguazu, donít worry about long lines and crowds at the airport.  The airlines are not available for check in until 1.5 hours before your flight and you cannot enter the actual terminal until about 45 minutes before your flight.  If you have an early afternoon flight I suggest you spend you morning visiting the attractions.  A morning is plenty of time for a quick trip to the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, the bird park, or the casino.  The airport is not air-conditioned and there are not a lot of shopping or eating options, so donít go to the airport early.

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