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Helisul, the company that provides helicopter tours over Iguazu Falls, is located just outside of the park entrance on the Brazilian side.  It cost $70 USD a person for a seven to ten minute ride over the falls.  There is a minimum of three people and the helicopter can carry up to four passengers.  Donít worry if you are a group of one or two, people are always arriving for helicopter tours and you can join another group.  If you do want a private ride you can pay $210, or the cost of three tickets to enjoy a solo ride.

The best seat for taking pictures and having the best views is the front seat next to the pilot.  It is first come, first serve; so donít pause to take pictures on your walk up to the helicopter.  The front bottom part of the helicopter is clear plastic or glass, and to get a clear picture you can stick your camera out of a small window on the left.

The ride is very short, you circle the falls only from the Brazilian side, so if you are in the back you only have a clear view when you are nearest to the falls.  You make about three rounds before returning to the landing pad, so take as many pictures as you can and enjoy the view.  An aerial view of the falls is the only way to see the entire falls.  The lookout points from the park only allow you to see portions of the falls, although they are spectacular views.

We were able to take a taxi from Hotel Saint George on in Puerto Iguazu to Helisul for the helicopter ride and return in under an hour.  The taxi driver waited while we enjoyed our amazing views from the sky, and then took us back to our hotel for about $20 USD.  Because Iguazu Falls is located in a rain forest you do have to plan for bad weather.  I suggest you take advantage of the first sunny day you have and take your helicopter tour. Also since it is located across from the Bird Park and just in front of the Brazilian side of the Iguacu National Park you can make it a stop on the way to another attraction.

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