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Anastasia Parrilla Restaurant Review
This is the place to experience an authentic Argentinean asado with a pleasurable atmosphere.


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Anastasia is an excellent parrilla in Palermo.  It is located on Bulnes and Cavello, one block north of Parque Las Heras.  This restaurant gave me everything I expected from an authentic Argentinean parrilla. 

As soon as my boyfriend and I entered the restaurant a friendly host greeted us, told us it would be a 15 to 20 minute wait, and offered us something to drink.  It was about 10 p.m. on a Saturday night so we were expecting it to be crowded.  We sat with the other patrons and sipped some of the house white wine while we waited for a table.  The wine was good, and the wait gave us a chance to people watch before we enjoyed our meal.

Just as the host promised our table was ready in about 20 minutes.  The tables in Anastasia were a little closer together than you would expect in a nice American restaurant, but it wasnít at all uncomfortable.  There was a flat screen TV on the center wall across from the bar, which was playing a boxing match.  I guess boxing is more popular in Argentina than America because the servers lined up against the wall to watch the game, in between serving tables.  Fortunately, this didnít seem to affect our quality of service.  Our server was very attentive and patient while we struggled with certain Spanish words. 

Anastasia Parrilla Buenos Aires ArgentinaOne thing that amazed me was the low level of noise in the restaurant.  I had expected a lot of noise from a packed restaurant with brick floors and walls, but it was surprisingly muted.  I think it helped that the plates were made of wood, so there wasnít any clinking of silverware.  Most of the tables were couples, all sharing bottles of wine.  There were a few larger parties, and while they were obviously engaged in conversation it wasnít loud or annoying.

My boyfriend and I both ordered red meat.  We wanted an assortment of typical parrilla meat; so, he ordered mix de carnes which was entrana (skirt steak), vacio (flank steak), and another unknown cut, and I ordered the brochette lomo.  The brochette is a skewer and lomo is a cut from the tenderloin of beef, the same cut as a filet mignon.  My brochette lomo was a delicious shish kabob with red peppers and onions. 

Both dinners were amazing.  My lomo was crispy on the outside but still tender enough to melt in your mouth.  The onions and peppers gave it the perfect flavor.  Of course I tasted my boyfriendís dinner and it was just as good as my own.  The vacio had the crunchy outer bits and was full of flavor.  The unknown cut of meat was thick, tender and juicy.  The entrana was decent, but I would suggest trying one of the other cuts; Iíve had better entrana.

To accompany our meat we had a large salad and sweet potato.  The salad was called ensalada para amar, which usually serves eight people.  You are able to pick four ingredients from a list of about 20, and they bring you a generous portion of each.  I was very happy with the salad, because it was crisp and chilled.  Iíve found that many places serve the salad warm or at room temperature.  Iím not sure if this intentional or simply a product of laziness, after all this is the country known for their beef not their salad. Either way, having a fresh, cool salad was a welcome treat.

There is one item on the menu that I didnít have the opportunity to try, but after watching the presentation I highly recommend the sausage.  You may have to ask the server for the specific type, I think it was chorizo or morcilla.  What makes this dish so attractive is the server brings each piece on its own tray propped up on two spears surrounded by a pool of liquid.  He then lights it on fire and spoons the flaming liquid over the meat again and again until the flames die.  Iím sure this gives the chorizo or morcilla a delicious crispy layer.

Another pleasant surprise was our bill, including the wine and a Johnnie Walker with Pepsi the total was only 104 pesos or about $35 USD.  The whiskey and coke cost just as much as a dinner, at 25 pesos. 

Again, I highly recommend Anastasia as a great parrilla located in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our Tab

Servicio de mesa (table service) 6 pesos
Johnnie Walker (whiskey) 25 pesos
2 x Bebidas (2 glasses of wine) 8 pesos
Ensalada para amar (salad) 8 pesos
Mix de carnes (3 pieces of meat) 26 pesos
Brochette de lomo (filet skewer) 25 pesos
Batata al plomo (sweet potato) 6 pesos
Total 104 pesos


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