Japanese Gardens and Cultural Center
Description of the Buenos Aires Jardin Japones with information on hours, price, location and history.


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Located in the Palermo woods, the Japanese Gardens is a beautiful quiet retreat from the constant traffic of Buenos Aires.  As soon as you step through the gates you feel as if you’ve been transplanted to a set of ‘Madame Butterfly’.  It was the middle of summer when I visited the gardens, if it had been spring I’m sure I would have seen thousands of cherry blossoms on the trees.  The cherry blossom, known as Sakura is the unofficial Japanese national flower.

Japanese Gardens and Cultural Center
Av. Casares 2966, Buenos Aires

: 4804-9141/4922

: 10am to 6pm Every Day

:      Monday to Friday $3 pesos
             Saturday and Sunday $4 pesos
             Tuesday Free

Jardin Japonés Restaurant
Hours: 10am to 6pm and 7:30 to Midnight; closed on Tuesdays

It is obvious the gardens were designed with care, the trees isolate you from the city making it difficult to see most of the nearby skyscrapers and blocking out noise from the streets.  The garden contains a large artificial lake full of friendly goldfish (carp) which will swim toward any person near the water and beg for food.  (Tiny bags of fish food can be bought at the concession stand.)  Surrounding the lake is a variety of plant life, including Cherry Blossom Trees and four Ginkgo Biwolf Trees.  The Ginkgo Biwolf Tree is called the tree of life, because it is believed that it has existed since the Dinosaur age.

Koi-Carp Begging for Food

Red Bridge at the Japanese Gardens

Crossing the lake is a bright red bridge which is a popular photo spot for couples and families.  There are also small piers which allow you to get closer to the water and the fish.  One pier is very skinny without much of a railing and people have to squeeze by each other as they walk from one end to the other.  So be careful and courteous; no one wants to go for a swim.

In one corner of the garden are several small monuments to the various Japanese princes and princesses who have visited Buenos Aires over the years.  Next to the monuments there is a small stage where you can catch a Japanese Puppet Show.  There is also a small stand where traditional Japanese games are sold.

In the back of the Jardin Japonés is a cultural center and restaurant.  The Japanese Cultural Center has Japanese Art on the walls, a lookout point and a gallery to display various exhibits.  At the time I visited the gardens there were a variety of Kimonos by Kasuriya on display in the Cultural Center.  While you are visiting the Japanese Cultural Center ask for a calendar.  The Jardin Japonés mission is to educate the public about the Japanese culture; so, there are always a variety of events taking place, from Origami lessons to lectures on Japanese history.


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