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Most of Argentina's most notable museums and cultural attractions can be found in Buenos Aires.  In the last ten years the city has declared dozens of sights as historical attractions and turned many places into museums.  This is a city which includes grave sites and private homes as major attractions.  The city's museums range from science, Museo Forense de la Morgue Judicial which has cadavers on display, to finance, the Museum of Foreign Debt, which was built after the Argentinean Peso Crisis in 2001.

The events in Buenos Aires capture the spirit of the city.  Buenos Aires is famous for hosting the International Tango Festival which transforms the city into a milonga for 10 days and nights.  Buenos Aires is slowly adding more and more events to attract an international crowd, new events include The Beer Festival, Carnaval, and the Recoleta Wine Tour.

Museums & Historical Attractions

Automobile Club Argentina Museum
Children's Museum
Jose Hernandez Museum of Folk Art
Museum of Architecture
Museo de Artes Plasticas
Museum of Bernardo A. Houssay
Museum of Carlos Gardel
Museum of Ricardo Rojas
Museum of Science and Technology
Museum of Foreign Debt
Museo Forense de la Morgue Judicial
MALBA Museum
Metropolitan Museum
National Museum of Decorative Art
Museum of Padre Coll
Museo Palais de Glace
Museo Roco
Museo Xul Solar
Evita Peron Museum
Museum of Participative Science (Children's Museum)

National Museum of Fine Arts
Recoleta Cemetery


National Tango Festival
Beer Festival
Recoleta Wine Tour


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